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What Clients Are Saying

Coaching with Katina has made a huge difference in how I view obstacles and different situations. I am now able to respond differently to issues that arise without feeling overwhelmed.

--Niki Metz, CA

Katina is fabulous to work with. She takes time to listen and give great feedback and redirection. Her heart is big and compassion, great. You will not be disappointed in walking with her in your journey to self discovery and improvement. Hire her ASAP!

--Veronica Farrar, TX

First, I thank God for allowing me to be divinely connected with Mrs. Wilkins. Although we are hundreds of miles apart, God knows who we need to encourage, motivate, challenge, and inspire us to be better. This is how Mrs. Wilkins has helped me. Her down to earth personality, along with her gentle and kind hearted spirit allowed me to connect with her right from the beginning. I appreciate that she not only integrates her coaching skills, but more importantly allows The Holy Spirit to use her in each and every session. I am so GRATEFUL to be one of her clients!!! I highly recommend her to anyone who desires a Christian coach who is patient and willing to PUSH you to your God-divine purpose!

--Rachelle Roland, SC

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend time with Katina for some life coaching sessions. I have never done anything like this before, but I felt it was perfect timing when she offered. I was feeling really stuck in the season of life I'm in. It's a new phase, empty nest for us. I have been so wrapped up in being a mom, cheerleader, cook, washer, driver, party planner, etc. for my 3 children for 30 years that I really didn't know what I WANTED or WHERE God wanted me now. I was totally in a rut, and one I didn't really like. I was pushing on though because that's what us moms do. Katina helped me to stop and think about some of my strengths instead of me focusing on my weaknesses. It was very helpful to hear insight from her with Biblical truths to back them up and apply them to my life. It was really freeing to me and redirected my focus on how to move forward and let God lead me into the next chapter of being used by Him. I highly recommend Katina! She is full of grace, love, patience and God's truth. She is wise beyond her years and makes it so easy for you to talk to her. She truly listens and doesn't try to fix you, but helps you figure out what to change. The sessions were not too long and so easy with technology today. The homework wasn't too time consuming or hard, yet I found very necessary.                                         

--Ruth Green, TX

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